You’ve Got Email Security – So What’s Next?

It’s often said that humans are the weakest link in any organisation’s cybersecurity defences.

Which is a little unfair, because it’s getting harder and harder for ordinary employees to spot a scam. Especially, as 7 in 10 organisations are currently without an effective Security Awareness Training and Phishing Programme in place.

Phishers are becoming ever more sophisticated, which means that a determined cyber-criminal can always find a clever way of fooling victims into handing over their password or other sensitive information.

Email Security & Multi-Channel Attacks

Email security can protect against threats that would trick even the most cyber-savvy human. So much is prevented from even reaching your employees – emails offering protection against malware, phishing, targeted attacks and advanced threats like CEO scams, in which hackers craft emails which look as if they are from someone you know, such as your manager, asking for money or passwords to be transferred.

However, criminals know how email security systems work and are fully aware that they scan the contents of messages as well as its attachments. Which is why they are now turning to cross-channel or multi-channel attacks.

Both these phrases describe the same type of attack, in which hackers use several different channels to target victims.

In the case of email security, this means sending an email with an inviting link to a website or cloud app which contains the malicious payload, which means it is not picked up and blocked by email security.

If you end up getting caught by the phishing email and don’t have web security or cloud security, then you potentially have a huge problem.

The good news is that we can protect you against cross-channel attacks. The Censornet Platform is a consolidated single platform made up of modules across security training, email, web and cloud security, integrated with context and identity. It is great for organisations of any size but will be of particular benefit to small-medium organisations who want enterprise-grade security at an affordable price.

If you don’t have end-to-end visibility across your employees, email, web and cloud, you have a security gap.

What is Security Awareness Training (SAT) and how can it protect my business?

Security Awareness Training is a proven way to defend your organisation against cyber criminals.

A successful programme makes it easy to deliver cyber security training for your employees. Ideally, your platform will automatically send phishing simulations, engaging security awareness training courses and provide a detailed, data driven dashboard of your human cyber risk.

According to research, only 27% of organisations currently provide a structured Cyber Security Training plan yet it is often regarded as the highest ROI for a cyber security budget.

The Censornet cyber security training programme for employees is a SaaS web-based application that delivers online security training for your employees. To ensure we have developed one of the best cyber security awareness training experiences possible, we have opted for automated, regular and bite sized courses, taking no longer than 5 minutes per month to complete for your employees. This keeps your human firewall secure whilst not eating into valuable working hours.

What is CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) and how can it protect my business?

Gartner describes CASB as “products and services that address security gaps in an organization’s use of cloud services”, offering organisations the ability to set policies across their workforce and protect against threat.

A CASB is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have. It provides discovery and visibility of all cloud applications in use, allowing the deep inspection of SSL encrypted traffic.

This ability is now more important than ever due to the rise of remote and hybrid working in which staff log onto the network from sheds, cafes, garages, or anywhere else they can get some peace.

Censornet Cloud Security can analyse and manage cloud activity across multiple networks and devices, whether users are on the corporate network or working remotely.

It is also integrated with web security for visibility and protection at every stage of an attack. Which brings us onto the second solution you need after CASB and email security, web security.

What Is Web Security and Why Do I Need It?

The next part of the puzzle is web security, which protects your organisation from web-borne malware, offensive or inappropriate content. It also manages the time spent on social networks or other websites which are a productivity drain on your staff.

Censornet’s Web Security solution features architecture that eliminates the need to proxy web traffic, preserving the user’s real IP address and upholding privacy by allowing the browser to maintain direct communication with the web application server.

It also ensures lightning-fast response times for all users no matter where they are in the world as well as offering rapid and flexible policy creation with a unique visual rule builder that enables powerful web access control.

What is IAM (Identity and Access Management) and Why Do I Need It?

The final part of the puzzle is Identity and Access Management. Users are logging in from hundreds of places, devices, and networks. Perimeter checks no longer cut it. Authentication needs to go where users go – and your identity services need to be able to spot unusual and suspicious behaviour.

As  part of IAM, Censornet’s IDaaS autonomously authenticates the right users based on rich contextual data – and blocks access based on suspicious behaviour. You can apply powerful rules to govern who, when and from where access is granted to what applications and data.

You can remove the risk of weak passwords being used across apps, replacing them entirely with secure tokens and assertions. This give you total control over user access.

So what’s next?

You know what to do. If you’ve already got Email security, it’s time to think about Security Awareness Training, Cloud and Web security and Identity for full spectrum threat protection.

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