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The Power of Secure Service Edge

All your cybersecurity in one place.

It’s simple: if your defences aren’t perfectly integrated in real time, all the time – you’re not secure. Enter Secure Service Edge (SSE). Total security from a purpose-built cloud platform.

Empower your organisation with the tools and intelligence to anticipate threats, manage vulnerabilities and protect your users anywhere in the world across email, web and cloud applications.

How to Make Your Cybersecurity Program More Defensible to Stakeholders

"To create stakeholder defensibility, cybersecurity capabilities must be consistent, adequate, reasonable and effective. CIOs can use this framework to guide cybersecurity priorities and investments that are more defensible to customers, shareholders, regulators and partners."
Complete visibility.

✓ Get total visibility across your security edge with zero blind spots. ✓ Pioneer in integrated cloud security for SMEs. ✓ Patented Action Risk Methodology and Link Scan technology. ✓ One unified view with total visibility over your network.

Seamless Architecture.

✓ Streamline experience for security leaders and users with one centralised platform. ✓ Integrated platform for all channels ✓ Zero proxying for efficient user experience. ✓ Unified policies across email, web and cloud applications.

Cloud-native scalability.

✓ Reliable cloud security built around you as you grow. ✓ Global presence with data centres worldwide ✓ Flexible scalability for companies of all sizes ✓ 100% uptime, with no planned downtime.

Advanced data protection.

✓ Secure your data wherever it goes with superior data security. ✓ Deep visibility into all your data, everywhere. ✓ Non-stop monitoring and visibility. ✓ Automatic integration across web, email and cloud applications.

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