Scale up your Training

Automated platform allows you to roll out training to your whole organisation at speed and within budget.

Encourage Safe Learning

Deliver immersive phishing simulations to train staff through practical action, and reinforce learning with engaging online content.

Deep Insight into Results

Detailed, data-driven dashboard lets you track your human cyber risk and identify how to maximise your defence.

+ combine with other security products to unlock the benefits of ASE

Enable traditionally silo’d products to share and react to security events and state data whilst leveraging world class threat intelligence. Prevent attacks before they enter the kill chain.

Train your Staff to Spot Cybersecurity Risks

Human error can topple even the most powerful defences. Give your staff the skills they need to identify and avoid cyber attacks – and strengthen your organisation’s overall security.

Phishing simulation
Phishing simulation

Train staff to spot phishing emails by testing them ‘in the wild’, with automated simulations direct to their inboxes.

Bite-sized Online Training
Bite-sized Online Training

Achievable lessons take around 5 minutes a month. Jargon-free, practical, and easy to implement.

Understand your Risk
Understand your Risk

Get deep analysis of engagement, completion, and risk scores on a company and individual level – so you know the best next steps to take.

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How Security Awareness Training works

Our SaaS web-based application delivers online security training for your employees, automatically serving simulations and training content to the right people at the right time.

  • Out of the box configuration allows for rapid, effective deployment without administrative burden
  • Add-on package included if organisation has Microsoft 365 E5 or Microsoft Defender for Microsoft 365 Plan 2, which includes threat investigation and response capabilities
  • Fully SCORM compliant for users wanting to house content within their learning management system (LMS)
  • Single sign-on for users
  • Multi-lingual options – important for customers with multiple office locations
  • Automated delivery of simulations and training
  • Automatic report and dashboard creation

Features and benefits of Security Awareness Training

Save Time and Money

Benefit from a well-run training programme without draining internal IT or learning & development teams

Identify Higher Risk Users

Gain valuable data at all points within the programme to accurately identify higher-risk users

Engaging User Experience

Bite-sized, engaging, and enjoyable cyber awareness training that doesn’t impact your team’s workload

Simulate Cybersecurity Threats

Gain access to existing simulations such as Microsoft 365, HMRC, Dropbox, and Deliveroo along with custom simulations

Empower Employees

Tailored learning journeys are created to address problem areas identified in the simulation testing

Analyse the Statistics

Get a data-backed company risk score along with trending analysis - and get an automatically prepared board report every month

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Our platform

Total visibility, seamless authentication and powerful intelligence.

All at your fingertips with integrated email, web and cloud security with identity and context.

Secure your entire organisation from known, unknown & emerging email security threats - including email fraud.
Protect your organisation from web-borne malware, offensive or inappropriate content & improve productivity.
Discover, analyse, secure & manage user interaction with cloud applications - inline & using APIs.
Advanced data loss prevention, protect your data from unauthorized access, accidental disclosure, and attacks.
Defend your organisation against cybercriminals and strengthen your ‘human firewall’.
Protect user accounts with more than just a password and reduce the impact of password reuse.
Get total control over user access, replacing passwords entirely across all applications.

Autonomous Security Engine
Pioneering ASE technology

Connecting your entire security product suite so it evolves and reacts automatically to a changing threat landscape.
ASE provides 24x7 security so you don’t need to
Full access to threat intelligence without the cost
Integral part of the Censornet platform