2024 Cyber Resilience Report

Equip yourself with the insights and foresight from the 2024 UK Cyber Resilience Report. Discover how UK SMBs are fortifying their defences, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and setting the stage for a cyber-secure future.

Annual report

Cyber Threats on Steroids

An upsurge in data loss, extortion, and ransomware has SMBs on high alert, wrestling with the myths and realities of AI in cybersecurity.

The Mixed Cyber Threat Hit List

From disgruntled employees to naive user errors, SMBs face a multifaceted threat landscape, underscoring the need for a robust cyber defence strategy.

The Overwhelming Volume of Alerts

Security professionals grapple with a doubling of cyber alerts, challenging their capacity to respond and raising concerns about alert fatigue.

Cyber Professionals are Suffering

The human toll of cyber resilience efforts is evident, with professionals facing interrupted leaves, sleep deprivation, and career progression concerns.

Less is More in the Cyber Future

The call for simplicity resonates, as SMBs seek to reduce the complexity of their cybersecurity setups, advocating for consolidated, cloud-based solutions.

The state of UK SMB’s cybersecurity response

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