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Censonet Web Security

Censornet stood out because it was an exact match for our requirements. When employees leave the network, they are seamlessly protected when browsing online. Censornet Web Security was the only product in the market that could provide this solution for us.

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Mike RyanInfrastructure Manager at Tangerine

Tangerine Refreshers web security

Tangerine identified Censornet as the only vendor with the capability and flexibility to secure its workforce online as it looked to move away from its legacy web security solution. As the UK’s largest own-label sweet manufacturer, with five sites across the country and 1,100 employees, the priority for Tangerine was for its employees to be protected when they are browsing the web, on and off premise.

“Tangerine is home to some of the best-loved UK sweet brands including Barrat, Dip Dab and Refreshers, and we need to protect ourselves against the threat of a data breach,” explained Mike Ryan, Infrastructure Manager at Tangerine. “Making sure that our employees cannot access dangerous or inappropriate sites and are protected against threats while they are online is a major part of ensuring a breach doesn’t happen. We are a modern business with a large workforce, and this means we need a solution that can protect employees from wherever they are logging in from.”

Censornet sweetens web security for Tangerine

Tangerine trialled other solutions available in the market but found that Censornet web security was the only solution that had both the advanced functionality it was looking for, including the ability to protect employees offsite, and the flexibility to work with their existing IT architecture. The standout feature for Tangerine was Censornet’s ability protect employees outside of the wide area network (WAN) simply and easily.

“I trialled more than one web security solution but none of them cut the mustard,” said Ryan. “It was impossible to get them to fit with our existing setup which meant that ultimately they couldn’t work on and off premise, which is my priority. Censornet stood out because it was an exact match for our requirements. When employees leave the network the Censornet agent installed on their devices kicks in, meaning they are seamlessly protected when browsing online whether they are on site or not. Censornet Web Security was the only product in the market that could provide this solution for us.”

Ryan was also impressed by Censornet’s flexibility and ability to adapt to Tangerine’s existing policies, practices, and IT estate.

“Where other solutions were inflexible in working with us, Censornet were set up to work around our business. During our trial the team worked hard to make sure it complemented our IT estate and developed it around our specific needs, which is a very positive experience for a buyer.”

Wham! Web security solved

Deploying Censornet Web Security has given Tangerine more control over web browsing on the company network and company devices while not impacting normal work function.

“Our previous solution had an overhead which slowed down our systems and at times was disruptive,” explained Ryan. “Censornet, on the other hand, hasn’t slowed us down at all. The Censornet solution is very easy to use and configure, and we are now able to monitor web activity and put our own policies in place through one provider. If we do have any issues, the Censornet support team has proved itself excellent. They are responsive, organised and have a great knowledge base”

Tangerine has experienced no security incidents since deploying Censornet Web Security and have seen improved employee performance.

“Censornet has delivered the solution it promised and have gone above and beyond to ensure that it works with our business. It prevents issues before they happen by making sure employees are protected from malicious sites and activity online. We have had no security issues since we began using it.”

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