RnD Systems Integration offers customers scalable, flexible cyber security solutions

Company: RnD Systems Integration

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Web Security, Email Security, Cloud Application Security (CASB), Security Awareness Training

We were looking for a suite of cybersecurity products which we could easily provide to our clients in a scalable way. The Censornet platform is very easy to deploy, and easy to manage, and is at a price point where our customers are happy.

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David MorrisManaging Director at RnD

RnD Systems Integration specialises in managed IT services, cloud hosting, security solutions, connectivity and technical consulting. Founded in 1998, it has a core belief that every company should have access to a highly skilled IT services team. Over the last 25 years, it has built up the expertise to support its clients with all their technology needs and offers fully managed support services to businesses of all sizes.

As part of its commitment to offering solutions that fit customers’ needs, RnD was looking for a scalable and cost-effective cyber security solution that is easy to roll-out and can grow with the business. RnD turned to Censornet as its products allows customers to do just that – users can seamlessly add on products as part of an integrated platform, for easy scalability.

“We were looking for a suite of cyber security products which we could easily provide to our clients in a scalable way. The Censornet platform is very easy to deploy, and easy to manage, and is at a price point where our customers are happy,” explained David Morris, Managing Director at RnD. RnD and its customers benefit from Censornet’s Web Security, Email Security, CASB and Security Awareness Training

When it comes to the deployment of cyber security solutions, RnD takes its customers through a 15-point security plan, mapping out key areas of security weakness and explaining how customers can address those.

A common challenge for many of its customers is how to protect their organisation against phishing attacks and business email compromise attacks. Another core challenge facing many of RnD’s customers is how to protect against web borne malware and stop users from accessing malicious content online. This is where Censornet’s integrated Web and Email Security solution comes in, providing protection for RnD’s customers from all web and email-related threats.

“Censornet’s Email Security solution is a core product we offer to our customers when we provide them with a holistic security assessment. Its ability to offer full protection to organisations of any size across all major email threats is a major selling point.

As web is the second most common vector for malware infection after email, we’re finding the Anti-Virus layer within Censornet’s Web Security hugely beneficial for our customers. This additional layer of advanced protection gives our customers even greater transparency on their threat level. Our customers really understand its value immediately and the protection it will bring them.” David continued.

Growing RnD’s customers’ cyber defence skills

Finally, RnD is now able to offer its customers monthly training sessions to ensure they benefit from continuous coaching and up-to-date insight on cyber security best practices. In the past it has relied on costly, instructor-led workshops that were often delivered in a single session. However, with Censornet’s Security Awareness Training (SAT), RnD can reduce its customers’ training costs and offer an ongoing curriculum. This approach supports RnD’s customers in remaining compliant and gaining accreditations, such as ISO 27001 certification, without the complications of arranging in-house training.

“Censornet’s Security Awareness Training is a real differentiator in the market,” added David. “When talking to customers, we find they really understand the need for the training and upskilling of their team, but often think it will require a huge investment of time or budget from their side. Censornet’s ability to roll out training on-demand across their organisation, in a way that’s measurable, high-value and low-input is a great conversation starter.”

Flexibility and support drive long-term customer relationships for RnD

RnD’s managed service is at the heart of its business, and it prides itself on the team of engineers who can quickly solve and meet clients’ needs, either remotely or in a bespoke support package. The local support that Censornet offers, providing round the clock communication, means RnD can confidently provide seamless cyber security support to its customers.

“We’re UK headquartered, and we like that the Censornet support team is also UK based. It means we’re never waiting long for help to resolve an issue and we can always talk to an engineer when we need,” concluded David.

“This flexibility is why we enjoy working with Censornet. As an MSP, it’s not as straightforward as rolling out a solution to a client and then wrapping up the project. Building valuable, long-term relationships with our customers is a cornerstone of our business and it requires a very controlled rollout where we support our clients every step of the way. Having a vendor that empowers us to get that result is very important. I think Censornet is unique in the way they work with us and allows us to offer a customised approach to solving clients’ cyber security challenges.”

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