CASB: Revolutionising cybersecurity with Cloud Application Security

As we delve into the digital revolution, cloud application security emerges as a primary concern for all organisations. With rapid growth rates of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services, and a striking statistic that reveals 49% of enterprises are now starting their XDR project by incorporating a cloud access security broker (CASB), it is clear that cloud application security is a pivotal focus in this new era.

Diving Deeper into Endpoint Protection

Endpoint security, specifically Endpoint Data Loss Prevention (DLP), has been an essential element of cybersecurity. However, the quickening pace of cloud services’ diversification, combined with the pervasive BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture, highlights the constraints of traditional Endpoint DLP. These limitations become glaringly evident when dealing with varying operating systems and managing unmanaged endpoints.

Nonetheless, the emerging limitations of one approach often pave the way for new opportunities. Enter CASB, a potent tool to address these challenges. CASB shines in its ability to govern data flow across both managed and unmanaged endpoints, providing a solution to the problems posed by conventional Endpoint DLP. However, CASB and Endpoint DLP are not a binary choice, but rather complementary components in a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

CASB solutions, such as the one offered by Censornet, exhibit their adaptability by functioning in both inline and “proxy-less” modes, depending on the deployment method. In its inline mode, Censornet’s CASB deploys agents to implement security measures. This involves intercepting requests to cloud applications and enforcing security policies, with agents installed on user devices enabling policy enforcement regardless of location.

Unique to Censornet’s offering is the “proxy-less” mode, where agents are deployed only on endpoints. This strategy reduces latency, keeps the user’s actual IP address, and enables direct communication between the browser and the cloud application server.

In addition to this, Censornet’s CASB also includes an API mode, where API connectors are utilised to extend visibility and control over user activities on mobile apps and beyond. This mode complements CASB inline, which focuses on data-in-flight, by extending security measures to data-at-rest through Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) systems.

The Growing Need for Cloud Service Usage Monitoring

With the cloud computing landscape evolving so rapidly, cloud service usage monitoring has also become a significant focus. Two subsets of services, social media and consumer and enterprise file sharing and synchronisation, need stringent monitoring for data leaks and breaches. Navigating this intricate landscape requires precision, and CASB is again at the forefront.

CASBs serve as the intermediaries between cloud service consumers and providers, acting as security policy enforcement points. By interposing between users and providers, CASBs ensure the application of robust security controls and strict policy enforcement as resources are accessed in the cloud. In the ongoing battle against data breaches, such monitoring is vital and gives CASB a crucial role in the ecosystem of cloud security

The Future with Security Service Edge

As the Security Service Edge (SSE) continues to evolve, it plays an integral role in the convergence of CASB and other cybersecurity solutions. Integrating CASB into this framework can enhance the cybersecurity landscape by merging the capabilities of these technologies into a more unified and comprehensive approach to securing sensitive data.

In this dynamic landscape, it’s essential to adapt and harness new tools and strategies to bolster our collective cybersecurity posture. As we step into this new era of cybersecurity, we must remember that our collective strength lies in our adaptability, and our willingness to learn and grow alongside the technology that shapes our world. The journey into the future of cloud application security is a collaborative exploration that demands constant vigilance and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional cybersecurity

Looking ahead with Cloud Application Security

The impressive growth rates and CASB adoption statistics are testament to the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. Cloud application security, now more than ever, is an essential component of our digital lives. As we continue to adapt, innovate and grow, our collective goal remains clear: to ensure the safe and secure use of cloud services, preserving the integrity of our data, and reinforcing the resilience of our digital infrastructure.

This is more than just a transition; it’s an evolution, a step into a new era of cybersecurity where old methodologies are being replaced by innovative, efficient, and robust solutions. And as we navigate this transformative period together, let us remember that our collective strength lies in our ability to adapt, learn and grow in tandem with the technology that shapes our world.

Cloud Application Security

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