Discovery & visibility

CASB enables discovery and visibility of sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud application use with an extensive catalogue of business apps.

Eliminate blind spots

Inline and API ‘multimode’ CASB solution maximises visibility and protection and eliminates blind spots.

CASB & Web combined

Integrated with Web Security for end-to-end attack visibility and protection. Automatically defend against new multi-channel attack techniques.

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You need a CASB Solution

Cloud applications, approved or not, are transforming the way users and teams communicate, share and collaborate. The threat landscape has changed – Cloud Access Security Brokers are no longer a nice to have.

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Advanced malware

Malware and cloud-only malware is increasing in volume and sophistication – targeting specific cloud apps.

Cloud data security

Files in cloud shares have overtaken large scale breaches as the number one cause of data loss.

Insider threats & Shadow IT

Almost 50% of cloud data breaches are the result of malicious or accidental insider actions within cloud apps.

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How Censornet CASB works

CASB flexible architecture is deployed using agents or gateways, or both, to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes with exceptional time to value. Users enjoy a fast, unobtrusive experience and the freedom to work however, whenever and wherever they want.

CASB flexible architecture diagram

How to enhance cybersecurity with CASB?

Features & Benefits of CASB

Cloud Data Security (DLP)

Analyse files uploaded to cloud apps. Use templates for personal data, confidential content, PCI DSS, HIPAA (etc.) or create your own.

Flexible Deployment

Agents, gateways, or both, with centralised policy management to protect office and mobile users.

Visibility or Control

Reveal applications that are in use or block access to features and actions within apps.

Mobile Apps

API mode critically provides visibility of user activity when using mobile apps that use end-to-end encryption (SSL pinning).

Extensive App Catalogue

Automated, continuous updates to a catalogue of hundreds of business applications and thousands of actions.

Integrate with Web Security

Existing Web Security customers can enable CASB via a single click.

Intuitive user interface


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What is CASB?

What is a CASB?

According to Gartner, the cloud access security broker (CASB) market can be defined as “products and services that address security gaps in an organisation’s use of cloud services… They deliver differentiated, cloud-specific capabilities generally not available as features in other security controls such as web application firewalls (WAFs), secure web gateways (SWGs) and enterprise firewalls.”

CASB technology is the outcome of increased cloud adoption and the subsequent need to secure cloud services. CASB solutions give businesses the ability to discover, analyse, secure and manage cloud activity across multiple networks and devices, whether users are on the corporate network or working remotely. CASB provides granular visibility and control over specific user activities and sensitive data.

The Four Pillars of CASBs

Cloud Access Security Brokers deliver functionality through the following four pillars:


Visibility is the cornerstone of cloud security, it’s the vital first step – you can’t secure what you don’t know. CIOs who haven’t gone through the visibility and discovery stage report that they have on average 30-40 cloud apps in use across their organisation, but that number is in fact more likely to be around the 1000 mark. CASBs provide essential visibility across all sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud app use across a business. They enable IT teams to go beyond an “allow” or “block” position with cloud services, meaning IT teams can manage access to specific features within specific apps – allow upload and download of files to and from the sanctioned cloud storage app but limit all other storage apps to download only for inbound sharing, for example.


As more and more businesses move to the cloud, the need to ensure the privacy and safety of corporate and personal data is more important than ever. Organisations must comply with the many regulations designed to protect sensitive information, such as PCI DSS, GDPR and HIPAA. Cloud Access Security Brokers can help to identify data in the cloud and provide a comprehensive audit trail of user activity for demonstrating compliance to internal and external auditors.

Data Security

Misconfigured shares in cloud apps have overtaken hacking and large-scale data breaches as the number one cause of data loss. CASB solutions have the ability to scan files on upload and change for specific content using predefined DLP templates, as well as scanning files for malware.

Threat Protection

Malware and cloud-only malware is increasing in volume and sophistication – targeting specific cloud apps. Alongside a marked increase in malicious or accidental insider actions. Cloud Access Security Brokers offer advanced protection to identify and stop cloud-based threats, protecting against malware using a powerful combination of technologies and multiple security layers. Unusual, suspicious or malicious user activity – associated with potential data exfiltration – can be identified and managed.

What Our Customers Say

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With Censornet we have protection against, and additional information on, threats facing our company and staff that we simply did not have before. We can see all the cloud applications being used within the organisation, web browsing trends, and have a far more effective email scanning solution. The ability to view all of the data collected through these solutions in one portal means that we have a better view of threat management and are assured Censornet is protecting our staff.
Nicky Dowland, Head of Information Technology
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Most importantly, our multi-cloud strategy meant we needed robust cloud security. In the past, we used traditional web security proxies, but this led to challenges with delivering local content. Reporting and auditing could be problematic too. With Censornet’ cloud controls and web security, we’ve been able to quickly and easily deploy a cost-effective, widely accessible and, most importantly, extremely secure way to address this. Censornet has absolutely met our objectives.
Jim Dent, Head of Infrastructure at Radius Payment Solutions
Having multiple solutions in a single cloud platform is a major benefit for us. This single view gives us greater visibility and actionable data that is easy to understand, allowing us to have greater control of our security. In our move to the cloud, we have been looking for solutions that are always connected, always available, and always making things more simple for the team. In Censornet we have found a security partner that ticks all those boxes.
Dave Johnson, IT Manager at St Anne’s
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The first consideration when choosing a security provider is the quality of the product, and Censornet ticked all of the boxes. It integrated seamlessly with our Office 365 environment and because it is based in the cloud we have visibility and control from one pane of glass across all of our sites. There’s no messing around with different portals or VPNs to change security responsibilities, we can just go online and make changes which takes a massive strain off of us.
Phil Ashcroft, Technology Manager, Newlife

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Business Applications
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Our platform

Total visibility, seamless authentication and powerful intelligence.

All at your fingertips with integrated email, web and cloud security with identity and context.

Secure your entire organisation from known, unknown & emerging email security threats - including email fraud.
Protect your organisation from web-borne malware, offensive or inappropriate content & improve productivity.
Discover, analyse, secure & manage user interaction with cloud applications - inline & using APIs.
Advanced data loss prevention, protect your data from unauthorized access, accidental disclosure, and attacks.
Defend your organisation against cybercriminals and strengthen your ‘human firewall’.
Protect user accounts with more than just a password and reduce the impact of password reuse.
Get total control over user access, replacing passwords entirely across all applications.

Autonomous Security Engine
Pioneering ASE technology

Connecting your entire security product suite so it evolves and reacts automatically to a changing threat landscape.
ASE provides 24x7 security so you don’t need to
Full access to threat intelligence without the cost
Integral part of the Censornet platform