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CASB and Web Security

Most importantly, our multi-cloud strategy meant we needed robust cloud security... Censornet has absolutely met our objectives.

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Jim DentHead of Infrastructure at Radius

Radius Payment Solutions looks to achieve the highest levels of cyber security

Radius Payment Solutions is a global business-to-business services company providing fuel cards, electric vehicle charge points, vehicle tracking, telecoms and insurance.

Ranking year after year in the top quartile of the Sunday Times Top Track 100 list of Britain’s most successful privately owned companies, Radius has a turnover of over £2.5 billion and operates worldwide.

The company’s rapid expansion has been achieved through strategic acquisitions, chosen for the depth of expertise among their staff and for their geographical reach in new markets worldwide, and persistent investment in new technology.

As an ISO27001 accredited and Cyber Essentials Plus certified business, the highest levels of security are vital to protect its customers’ information – as much of it is financial and therefore sensitive. With content being shared across the globe, it’s essential that the company’s IT teams have visibility and control over where data is stored and what information leaves the business.

Jim Dent, Head of Infrastructure at Radius, explains: “Most importantly, our multi-cloud strategy meant we needed robust cloud security. But there were other issues we wanted to address. In the past, for example, we used traditional web security proxies, but this led to challenges with delivering local content. Reporting and auditing could be problematic too, with previous solutions reporting everything, without filtering out unwanted noise, making it hard for individuals to use.”

Radius was looking for a platform that would provide the protection and control they needed and with additional functionality.

However, more importantly, they were looking for a solution that met both the technical requirements of the business and was provided by a partner with whom Radius had confidence in building a long-term strategic relationship. The company had previously run a successful proof of concept with Censornet so knew that the products could deliver the right level of cover as well as offer positive engagement.

Security over the web and cloud applications, seamlessly deployed

Protecting the confidentiality of its customers’ data in an ever-changing cyber threat landscape is of paramount importance to Radius.

The company deployed Censornet Web Security and CASB, which are fully integrated together in the Censornet Platform, across its 15 global locations to help mitigate data security challenges and more, by seamlessly protecting users as they move between websites and applications.

“Censornet has absolutely met our objectives”, commented Jim, who feels the time-to-value and additional functionality of Censornet has been a great fit for Radius’ multi-cloud strategy. The deployment was straightforward and protection instantaneous, making the Censornet product comfortably cost-effective.

“I’ve deployed a number of web security solutions across businesses in the past, including here in Radius,” commented Jim. “The go-live process this time was absolutely seamless.”

The visibility and granular controls that Censornet offers, particularly around Microsoft 365, have proved invaluable in ensuring only the right data ever leaves the business.

What’s more, the Censornet platform enables the ability to manage and maintain the environment with a significantly reduced administrative overhead and a far more granular approach to reporting on web traffic utilisation across the business.

Additionally, the ability to analyse and categorise previously unseen URLs automatically as they arise enables Radius to stay ahead of new threats, helping the IT team protect the business through a product that utilises machine learning rather than through manual intervention, and improve awareness of new security risks across the company with block/warn pages.

Most importantly, Censornet’ cloud controls ensure the highest levels of security for the transfer of confidential data within Radius’s network and beyond. Cloud application security provides complete visibility over the information that leaves the business, with a sophisticated policy engine enabling significantly more control over to the transfer of corporate information.

The point of difference, that is making an impact for Radius, is Censornet’s unique architecture. This offers Radius the advantage of not having to route web traffic over its network, thereby improving the user experience and saving on the expense of spinning up additional servers.

“Securely delivering global content was always a challenge,” says Jim. “With Censornet’ cloud controls and web security, we’ve been able to quickly and easily deploy a cost-effective, widely accessible and, most importantly, extremely secure way to address this.”

Cloud security and customer support that protects remote workers

A big plus for Radius is that Censornet is a 100% cloud-based service. Radius’ employees are easily protected from a single point of management, and regardless of whether they’re working in the office or from home, response times will be instantaneous.

Radius can now streamline management of Web Security and CASB, applying rules, monitoring and reporting from a single pane of glass. Applying security rules and policies has been simplified through the use of the Censornet agent in individual devices, avoiding undesirable proxies altogether, meaning Radius is now able to securely provide geo-correct local content to users within each of the countries where it operates.

Censornet’s service also achieved high praise from Jim who was impressed from the beginning and continues to feel reassured by the support and comprehensive knowledge base available to help with any problems they may face.

“Having one consistent contact throughout the process has made things much easier for us. From initially launching on our Mac estate, to rolling out globally, the implementation has been seamless. The care we have had from the team at Censornet has been excellent.

“Censornet has a wide and easily accessible knowledge base which means we always have the right information right at our fingertips if we ever need to configure anything new. This is invaluable insight that really saves us time and energy,” concluded Jim.

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