Nerdio Partners with Censornet

The company boosts its leading ITaaS platform with Censornet’s advanced multi-factor authentication technology to offer customers easy-to-use, easy-to-implement, and more cost-effective user authentication.

SAN FRANCISCO [RSA] — February 13, 2017 — Adar, Inc., creator of industry-leading IT-as-a-Service platform Nerdio, today announced its partnership with Censornet, the complete cloud security company, to put ITaaS users at ease with enhanced user authentication. Nerdio will be upgrading its existing user authentication system with Censornet’s Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solution and Password Reset Module.

“Our previous two-factor user authentication solution provided adequate security, but it was more expensive and less flexible, requiring users to download an additional app that often had issues. Our engineering team had to spend a lot of extra time and energy to ensure our clients were comfortable with the product,” states Carl Long, Senior Sales Engineer at Nerdio. “Our customers are now truly impressed by the ease-of-use and are especially excited about their highly secure authentication.”

Censornet’s award-winning, cloud security solutions provide enterprise-class security to more than 4,000 customers around the globe. The MFA solution delivers a one-time passcode to the user’s mobile phone via encrypted push notification, with delivery methods including SMS, voice call, email and token. The Password Reset Module allows employees to securely reset their own passwords, which saves IT countless hours and considerable energy with password assistance and support time. Both solutions have been incorporated into Nerdio’s VDI-powered ITaaS platform, which delivers a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated IT environment, complete with unlimited virtual servers, virtual desktops, the complete Microsoft suite, security, disaster recovery and more.

“We’re committed to incorporating the latest advancements in cloud security technology so our customers can experience greater freedom and flexibility,” states John Mario, SVP of Operations at Nerdio. “Censornet was our go-to choice for a truly integrated cloud security solution. It adds a level of trust to the login process by using multiple factors to validate the identity of the user at the point of login. MFA is adaptive, real-time, challenge-based and session-specific, and takes advantage of contextual information when validating the user, thereby protecting against identity theft and modern Internet threats.”

“The growing use of cloud services and applications has changed the way we work, but this trend has also created a new attack vector for cybercrime. Hacking has become one of the fastest growing crime methods and weak or stolen credentials are still the major source of network breaches”, added Russell Zientek, VP Americas, Censornet. “By integrating Censornet Multi-Factor Authentication into Nerdio’s ITaaS platform customers can verify the identity and location of their employees as they access company systems or networks. We’re delighted to be partnering with Nerdio to help their customers improve their control and visibility over data that employees can view.”

“Security is of the utmost importance to us, and Nerdio’s approach to securing its platform puts us at ease,” said Ted Uzelac, Assistant Police Chief of the City of Portage, Indiana. “It’s definitely reassuring to know the company is constantly striving to improve and refine its product, and proactively create solutions to meet our needs.”

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About Nerdio Nerdio is the complete ITaaS solution, tailor-made for the IT staff of small-to-medium sized organizations and the MSPs supporting them. Virtual desktops, virtual servers, the complete Microsoft 365 suite, security, and disaster recover. Also included is a revolutionary management layer with auto-provisioning and management. Add line of business app support and 24/7 tech-nerd support and you’ve got everything needed to run an organization – all for a low per-user per-month price. The expertise and reliability of a comprehensive IT environment, at your virtual fingertips.

About Censornet Censornet, the complete cloud security company, helps organizations to effectively manage and control the use of cloud applications in their business. The company provides a unified and multi-layered approach to securing the cloud via its purpose built, multi-functional cloud security platform that delivers integrated web security, email security, CASB and adaptive multi-factor authentication. This provides organizations with security-focused visibility and control over user access, data and assets to allow access while controlling outcomes and allows organizations to address the security, audit, compliance and productivity issues associated with the use of cloud applications and devices. Censornet enables organizations to control Shadow IT, safely implement BYOD initiatives and protect from cyber threats. With more than 4000 customers and over 1.3 million users worldwide, the company is headquartered in Basingstoke, UK and has further offices in Austin and San Francisco, US; Copenhagen, Denmark and Munich, Germany. For more information, visit

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