Censornet scores a hat trick at Cybersecurity Excellence Awards

Basingstoke, UK – 03 May 2024 – Censornet, a pioneer in cloud security, today announced that it has won three prestigious Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. The company was honoured with the Insider Threat Solution Award for its comprehensive unified security platform, and also took home the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Award for its innovative Cloud Application Control module and Best Cybersecurity Company for its pioneering approach to cybersecurity.

Censornet’s multi-layered cloud security platform provides complete protection against cyber threats, data leaks, and insider risks through an integrated set of modules covering identity and authentication, email security, web security, cloud application control, data loss prevention, and security awareness training. Powered by its Autonomous Security Engine (ASE), the solution can share threat intelligence and context data across channels in real-time to defend against multi-vector attacks.

“We congratulate Censornet on being recognised as an award winner in the Best Cybersecurity Company, Insider Threat Solution and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) categories of the 2024 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards," said Holger Schulze, CEO of Cybersecurity Insiders and founder of the 600,000-member Information Security Community on LinkedIn, which organises the 9th annual Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. "With over 600 entries across more than 300 categories, the awards are highly competitive. Your achievement reflects outstanding commitment to the core principles of excellence, innovation, and leadership in cybersecurity.”

The Insider Threat Solution Award highlights Censornet’s ability to mitigate insider risks. The platform includes modules all centred around user risk posture, from Identity and Authentication Security, multi-mode Email Security with sophisticated tools to stop BEC attacks and phishing, to Web and Cloud Application Security, Data Loss Prevention and Security Awareness Training. But it’s not all about the protection features, the UI is designed for ease of use and richness of intel so the reporting and analytics pages allow the admins to see at-a-glance any potential risky activity, or get to a forensic level of detail in just a couple of clicks.

Censornet’s Cloud Application Security module, a leading CASB solution, bagged the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Award. A key innovation is the granular analysis and categorisation of over 1,500 B2B SaaS apps and 5,000+ potential user actions within those apps. This granular control allows organisations to enable secure cloud adoption by only restricting high-risk activities rather than blocking entire applications.

The module provides comprehensive visibility into SaaS usage, shadow IT, and data risks through interactive dashboards and reporting capabilities. It can enforce policies natively via API connectors or by inspecting encrypted web traffic. Predefined templates cover common use cases while a visual rule builder enables customisation.

Winning Best Cybersecurity Company brought it all together, recognising Censornet not just for the technology that protects millions of users across the world, but also the ethos behind it. Censornet is built with the purpose of protecting an underserved segment of businesses, focusing on the capabilities that keep the mid-market safe. 

"We're honoured to receive this prestigious triple recognition from Cybersecurity Insiders' Cybersecurity Excellence Awards," said Ed Macnair, CEO of Censornet. "These awards validate our approach of delivering enterprise-grade security capabilities tailored for midmarket organisations through a unified, easy-to-use cloud platform. We remain committed to empowering our customers with robust yet frictionless security controls."

You can read Censornet’s entry for the Best Cybersecurity Company Award, Insider Threat Solution Award and the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Award entry here

Learn more about Censornet’s award-winning cloud security platform at www.censornet.com.

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