Cyber security built to serve the needs of every customer

Dave Morris, Managing Director of RnD Systems Integration, one of our Managed Service Providers (MSP), sat down with us to discuss what he thinks really matters to their customers, and why the personal touch is so important.

Hi Dave, thank you for joining us! Can you tell us a bit about RnD and what you do.

As a company, we specialise in providing managed IT services, offering fully managed support services to businesses of all sizes. This means providing everything from logistical capabilities through to configuration, deployment and ongoing support. Of course, we also supply the IT hardware and software our customers need to solve their problems and make them more productive, secure and resilient.

At RnD, we have a team of dedicated engineers that work to ensure our solutions fit customers’ needs. Our core belief is that every company, no matter what size, should have access to a highly skilled IT services team. So as part of this ethos, we pride ourselves on the long-term relationships we form with our customers.

Let’s talk more about your customers, what attracts them to RnD?

We’re incredibly lucky to have a fantastic team of engineers with the technical expertise to implement IT solutions and support customers with all their requirements. We’ve also got strong relationships with security vendors, like Censornet, and work closely with hardware manufacturers, software vendors and internet services to offer end to end solutions to customers.

This combination puts us in a unique position to offer a full IT solution, rather than just IT support and consultancy. This means we’re a single point of contact for our customers. and it’s this breadth of insight, guidance and support that has built our customer base.

How does your approach to customer service set you apart?

We provide all the IT support our customers need, and effectively work as a member of our clients’ IT department. It’s really important to us that we make sure customers always have easy access to friendly and skilled support.

Customers also have an account manager that helps throughout the whole process, from the planning phase through to the oversight of implementation. This personal approach is a vital part of our service ethos. We have invested in our skills to provide the highest quality services to our client base and each solution is tailored to the customer.

Let’s take it back to cyber security. What are your customers looking for when it comes to implementing a cyber security strategy?

We are seeing companies increasingly looking to reduce costs, streamline, and simplify their cyber security strategy. As more and more organisations continue their move to the cloud – which greatly increases the attack surface – they are looking for products that will help them stay one step ahead of attacks. Products that proactively anticipate and minimise risk but are easy to roll out are in demand right now.

Scalability is really important for customers, as well as the flexibility to implement new products later on. Many of our customers are looking to integrate their cyber security solutions, to cover every attack vector more effectively, and at a lower cost. And as part of improving their security strategy and ensuring they are compliant, many customers are looking for security training, so they can protect their entire organisation. Working with a partner like Censornet, that offers all of that in one integrated platform is priceless.

We know that regular security training can reduce security incidents by 70%, but why do you think it is so in demand right now?

Our customers are realising that hackers see humans as the easiest point of exploitation. Even the best programmes cannot protect against human actions unintentionally or maliciously compromising the organisation. That’s why so many organisations are looking to train their staff, on demand, in as flexible a way as possible.

Of course, ensuring they are compliant from a governance perspective is another key driver.  We’re seeing demand for training that offers new and updated curriculums that’s ongoing and dynamic, rather than just ticking a box. Customers are looking for all of this in a neat package that’s easy and cost effective to roll out, so they don’t have to make a huge commitment. Partnering with Censornet means we can offer our customers exactly what they are looking for.

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