What’s the answer to spiralling cybersecurity stress levels?

Cybersecurity professionals face unprecedented stress levels. 29% of security leaders are losing sleep because of cybersecurity concerns, with 38% facing a call in the middle of the night to investigate an incident. But with a new acronym seemingly every day, how are IT professionals supposed to know what will help them achieve an elusive full night’s sleep?

Join us as we cut through the cyber noise, discussing the most popular acronyms out there right now, and what they actually mean for mid-sized organisation. We will explore:

  • Front-Line Realities: Unpacking the actual experiences of cybersecurity professionals.
  • Beyond the Buzz: Critically assessing popular cybersecurity technologies—XDR, CSPM, SSSE, EDR—separating effective tools from marketing hype.
  • Streamlining Security: Exploring the shift towards fewer, more integrated cybersecurity solutions to ease the burdens on security teams.
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