Is Zero Trust the answer to data loss prevention?

As organisations grapple with the complexities of modern cybersecurity threats, Zero Trust has been presented as compelling framework for safeguarding data across increasingly complex networks. But with so many security models out there, should organisations focus on Zero Trust when prioritising data loss prevention?

A brief introduction to Zero Trust: A foundational overview of the Zero Trust model, its principles of never trust, always verify, and its relevance in a landscape where traditional security perimeters no longer suffice.

What Zero Trust means in practise: Insights into the evolution of Zero Trust from a concept in 2010 to a security strategy today. We’ll examine leading analyst research into its adoption and look at what the unique challenges and opportunities arise for SMBs.

The data loss backdrop: A quick look into why data loss has jumped 13% in the past two years, and whether Zero Trust is going to help.

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