If we’ve done our job well and the PR wheels are spinning as they should, then you’ve probably seen the recent press release detailing CensorNet’s acquisition of SMS PASSCODE. To say that I’m feeling a little bit pleased about it, would be the textbook definition of a gross understatement.

For clear and obvious reasons, I’m passionate about what the acquisition means to CensorNet and our new colleagues at SMS PASSCODE. It’s equally the sheer exhilaration of knowing what this represents to the market as a whole. The combination and capability of our two organizations is set to deliver a perfect-timed much needed proverbial rocket of change into the security industry.

Technology by definition should be intelligent, progressive, forward thinking and that very ethos is the embodiment of everything that we represent as one combined organization. For some time, the industry has had a distinct lack of vendors that are willing to innovate and lead but that’s all about to change.

I’ve worked in this industry for some time and have never quite understood the mentality that seeks to reproduce a ‘Me-Too’ product. You know the type I’m talking about. A solution or brand that effectively replicates everything that already exists but slaps a new badge on the front and calls it unique. It’s just not for me. Go hard, or you may as well go home.

I’ve watched this approach unfold in the web-filtering world for over a decade. ‘Same offering, different logo’, all shamelessly trading off identical technology that has been in place and created to serve a market 15 years ago. While all the time, cybercrime continues to outpace and advance beyond the capability of the technology designed to protect it. It’s never made sense to me and I’m certain it makes even less sense to its consumers.

Alarmingly, we’re starting to see a similar trend emerge in Cloud Application Control (CAC). New, fresh-faced, up and coming vendors, hitching their marketing bandwagons to CAC, all heralding themselves as the new generation of security providers. Yet so few (if any) have the learnings we have gleaned from the Web Filtering evolution and are simply solving only a part of a broader problem.

I can give you one good reason why we can never let complacency slip through the back door. The sheer sophistication of Cybercrime has increased beyond comprehension. The days of spurious Nigerian Princes offering to send you ‘much and many monies’ have become almost comical in their clumsiness. ‘Cyber folk law’ and ‘industry punch lines’ that we no longer take seriously.In contrast, modern day Cybercriminals are frankly marketing geniuses. Their presentation, communication (even their grammar) are often more polished than most large corporations. I’m a lover of the irony but I can afford to be, largely because I’m in the fairly unique position of having a solution to the problem.


What acquiring SMS PASSCODE really means

When CensorNet integrate SMS PASSCODE’s technology into its cloud-based Unified Security Solution, it will bring together not only email and web security with Cloud Application Control but also Adaptive Multi-factor Authentication and frankly that puts us in a genuinely rare market position.It makes us the first security vendor in the world to offer CAC integrated with web security and authentication. We are now in the enviable position of being able to provide organisations with a single pane of glass giving them visibility and control of web, cloud applications and email.With weak or stolen passwords still a major source of network breaches, the integration of SMS PASSCODE’s authentication capability provides the ultimate game changer.Not only will our merged technologies give the enterprise complete control and visibility over what data their staff see, but also gives absolute certainty as to who someone is and where they are.It will also leave the cyber security industry as a whole, busy playing catch up for at least the next 18 months.


The unhealthy relationship with your mobile phone finally makes sense

I’m the first to admit that the relationship I have with my mobile phone extends beyond the boundaries of reasonableness (and at times social decency). However, such is the way of the world (Don’t blame me, I’m not the creator. At worst I’m an enabler…)We no longer simply crave constant connectivity; it has become our right. My phone never leaves my side. It may as well be an extra limb, evolved through unrelenting use and necessity, my very own personal detachable shiny opposable thumb. I love my phone and before you judge me, you’re probably no different. It is after all, a well-populated club.Market defining security should be as much about behavior as it is about technology which is partly what makes the integration of SMS PASSCODE all the more exciting and relevant. By its very nature and function it is a solution that authenticates users through their mobile devices, our faithful work companions, always by our side.It’s the perfect layer of security and the integration of our products is a true market first. Contextual technology that addresses evolving business needs with cloud applications and mobile security by dynamically authenticating users based on geo-location and login behaviour patterns.If that’s not a ridiculously awesome combination, I don’t know what is.


Catch us if you can

I’ve been far from shy in the press when I’ve spoken about what CensorNet’s acquisition of SMS PASSCODE really means, primarily because I have complete confidence and belief in what it represents to us as an organisation but also to the market as a whole.The security industry has an obligation to develop sophistication greater than those that seek to break down its walls. That’s why I have no time for complacency and neither should you.In a saturated market, few vendors seem to have the courage to lead, so I’m unapologetic in our quest to challenge and progress what the role and function of security represents in the real world.Am I pleased that we’ve acquired SMS PASSCODE into the CensorNet family? Absolutely.Independently, we were two innovative organizations, unafraid of risk and uncompromising in quality. Combined we’re a formidable force that is set to lead and redefine the cyber security market.Catch us if you can.