Legal Cloud Security

Cloud security for law firms typically involves a combination of technical measures, such as encryption and access controls, as well as administrative processes and policies. These measures help to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data in the cloud. Some of the key challenges for law firms in terms of cloud security include ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, managing access to sensitive data, and protecting against cyber threats.

Highly Sensitive – Highly Valuable

Law firms are trusted advisors to both individuals and organisations of all types and sizes, and often privileged to highly sensitive – and highly valuable – personal, financial and strategic information.

To attackers, law firms are attractive targets – either as an alternative to targeting a specific client directly, or as a source of aggregated ‘one-stop shop’ information across multiple clients.

Law firms may not historically have been known for early adoption of digital transformation trends and technologies but the use of cloud applications and even social media – particularly to save time and money – is increasing.

Online legal services are growing in number and the emergence of entirely virtual law firms is widely predicted.

The Censornet Platform

Censornet’s single cloud security platform provides a simple, effective solution to protect client data and communications within the legal environment, providing unparalleled insight into activity on the web, within cloud applications and over email – regardless of user, device or location.

The secure platform both keeps pace with and enables change, adapting as law firms add new services or adopt new applications.

Key to success of any practice is the ability for partners and associates to communicate with clients openly and effectively – whilst maintaining security. Censornet’s comprehensive Email Security – with encryption and compliant email archiving – is ideally suited to the legal sector.

How our platform can help you


Encrypt Email Communications

Email Security includes the ability to encrypt email communications using different approaches to ensure message content is protected in transit.


Multi-Layered Protection

Email Security includes advanced ultra-modern multi-layered protection from targeted email attacks – including phishing. The FBI has reported that it has seen hundreds of law firms increasingly targeted.


Compliant Email Archive

Censornet’s Compliant Email Archive enables firms to comply with email data retention regulations and provides simple, rapid search and retrieval of messages.