Zero Trust MFA

Stop modern, sophisticated attacks before they enter the kill chain

Automatically defend against the newest forms of multi-channel and cross-channel attacks, stopping them in their tracks before any damage is caused to your organisation. Censornet’s single cloud platform gives you end-to-end attack visibility and protection for your workers, wherever they are in the world.

End-to-end attack visibility and protection

Account Takeover protection

Advanced Phishing and CEO Fraud prevention

Total Visibility

With the remote workforce now outside the perimeter, it’s crucial to have extra visibility into all cloud applications that are being used, whether that use is approved or not. With fast and flexible deployment, the Censornet Platform protects your users, wherever they are.

Total discovery and visibility of sanctioned and un-sanctioned cloud apps

Visibility and protection at every stage of an attack

Flexible deployment with agents, gateways or both, with centralised policy management

Google drive
Gmail app icon

What goes into the cloud, stays in the cloud

With the flexibility of remote working comes the risk of losing data and control. With unrivalled insight into users, the ability to manage access and activity on a granular level, and data security across all services – Censornet provide the ability to secure and manage your data, avoiding data sprawl and protecting the modern workforce.

Managing business processes and workflows across all major cloud apps

Total control over where your data goes

The firewall is dead

The traditional safety of the corporate perimeter and its firewall aren’t sufficient to support a newly distributed workforce. An entirely new perimeter built on identity and context is needed and prerequisite to the adoption of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) – the first stop for many organisations on the journey to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE).

Identity and context are the new perimeter

Fully integrated with AD and/or Azure AD

ATO secure remote login
2021 essential cyber security

Direct-to-internet connection

The unique, underlying architecture, of the Censornet Platform, combines threat protection, with performance to deliver an unrivalled user experience.

Smooth audio and video calling

Fast uploads/downloads

Ultra-fast response times

Support for split tunnelling (simultaneous direct-to-Internet and VPN connections) * *compared to proxy or cloud proxy-based solutions

Interested in finding out more?

Contact us today to discuss how Censornet can help secure your remote working environment. One of our specialists can guide you through our Remote 2.0 Health Check and answer any queries you may have.

Revolutionise your approach to security

Protect your remote workforce, secure your business with Censornet’s single cloud platform

Save Time & Money

Consolidating critical security services can save organisations thousands of pounds and management hours lost to separate systems.

Easy to Implement & Use

100% cloud-based, simplifying implementation and accelerating time to value for organisations of all sizes.

Consolidated Cloud Security

Traditionally silo’d services share and react to security events and state data whilst leveraging world class threat intelligence.