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Mimecast Cloud Web Security's Journey

Mimecast’s journey in cloud web security has been marked by its efforts to address key challenges in enterprise web security. The service was tailored to mitigate risks like employee distraction and cyberattacks, providing essential visibility and control over web usage. However, navigating the complexities of cybersecurity wasn’t without its hurdles.

Over time, users of Mimecast’s cloud web security voiced several concerns. These included the level of customisation offered and the user interface, with a continual demand for enhancing the overall user experience. Users also pointed out challenges in identifying and tracking bad URLs, the lack of comprehensive reports and the slow support response time and ticket resolution.

Effective web security is more than just guarding against malware and phishing attacks. It encompasses a range of challenges including content filtering, managing user access, and securing mobile and remote workforce. As the cyber landscape evolves, the investment by a vendor into its own product needs to as well. Organisations are left questioning whether Mimecast will fix outstanding issues, let alone prioritise the development of new features for a product that no longer generates new revenue.

With this backdrop, Mimecast’s decision to stop investing in its cloud web security services can be seen as an opportunity to reevaluate cybersecurity strategies and explore solutions that align more closely with evolving needs.

How to transition from Mimecast Cloud Web Security

Moving away from a trusted security solution like Mimecast is not a simple task. It involves strategic decisions, operational adjustments, and often, a shift in the organisational mindset. Despite the service going through a period of uncertainty, hesitation to transition can stem from various factors — from the technical complexities of migration to apprehensions about adapting to new software features or the comfort found in familiarity.

With an unknown future on the horizon, the best place to start is by looking at the features you liked within Mimecast and seeking alternative services that replicate, or even better them. Many customers rated the ease of setup, integration between products and level of security provided so should look for companies that offer the same. Based on external review sites, organisations could also look to improve on other features such as –

  • Advanced threat protection against malware, ransomware, and phishing
  • Real-time URL scanning and deep content inspection
  • User-friendly experience across various devices and locations
  • Flexible policy management and reporting capabilities

Read more about features to focus on when choosing an alernative to Mimecast here.

Mimecast Web Cloud Security Alternative

The uncertainty of Mimecast’s cloud web security should not be seen not as a setback, but as an opportunity to embrace a new era of cyber protection. Analysis shows Censornet’s Web Security as a seamless alternative, offering a fusion of enterprise-grade cyber protection with the agility and responsiveness tailored for SMBs.

Censornet’s Web Security offers a unique architecture that eliminates the need to proxy web traffic, preserving the user’s real IP address and upholding privacy by allowing the browser to maintain direct communication with the web application server. Seamlessly integrated with email and cloud application security, alongside DLP, IDaaS and MFA, it offers an unparalleled user experience across the whole organisation. Web security cloud service process

What truly sets Censornet apart is its commitment to innovation and its award-winning support. In a digital landscape where threats evolve continuously, Censornet’s deep machine learning capabilities ensure that not only are threats identified, but they’re also anticipated, allowing IT teams to focus on strategic imperatives rather than getting bogged down by minor alerts or false positives.

For organisations looking to transition from Mimecast, Censornet doesn’t just offer an alternative; it offers a vision of what modern, integrated cybersecurity can and should be. It’s a vision where email, web, and cloud application security converge seamlessly with powerful identity management and data loss prevention, ensuring that organisations are not just protected but empowered.

What Our Customers Say

newlife-logo-800 w
In-built permissions over what our staff can and can’t access improves productivity and security. The risk from the web is well known but without the addition of cloud security, there is a risk staff could be downloading dangerous files from applications without even realising it. Overall, the control from Censornet, and the ability to drill down into traffic coming from the web and cloud, gives us greater security that we aren’t going to be hacked.
Phil Ashcroft, Technology Manager, Newlife
We needed to allow the off-site users to access the internet without going through the VPN, as it really hindered connectivity. We wanted to ensure all users were as protected as possible. Censornet Web Security allowed us to do this.
Hamish Ross, Senior IT Engineer
Tangerine Confectionery logo
Censornet stood out because it was an exact match for our requirements. When employees leave the network, they are seamlessly protected when browsing online. Censornet Web Security was the only product in the market that could provide this solution for us. Censornet has delivered the solution it promised and have gone above and beyond to ensure that it works with our business. It prevents issues before they happen by making sure employees are protected from malicious sites and activity online. We have had no security issues since we began using it.
Mike Ryan, Infrastructure Manager
The Censornet team was really keen to understand Cloetta’s specific business issues and design a solution that would best protect Cloetta’s assets, whether that was our secret confectionery recipes or secure financial information.
GertJan Minkels, Solution architect


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