Censornet wins ‘Technology Provider of the Year’

Censornet is ‘Technology Provider of the Year’ at the British Business Awards 2022.

Censornet was announced as the ‘Technology Provider of the Year’, at the British Business Awards 2022. The winners were revealed at an awards ceremony in London yesterday.

The announcement caps off an excellent year for Censonet, having already been shortlisted for multiple awards this year.

This prestigious award recognises “a technology provider that has gone above and beyond to support SMEs to the highest degree”. It was open to any business providing a technology solution to SMEs including point of sale, e-commerce, cloud computing, cyber security or CRM.

Business leaders know that securing data is a non-negotiable task. If a breach occurs, they will face significant financial and reputational damage, with one survey warning that 70% of customers would stop doing business with a company that suffered a breach.

Yet securing critical systems and data has become more difficult over the past two years. The “new normal” of remote working is powered by cloud computing technology that offers many benefits but also creates vast numbers of vulnerabilities.

“Born in the cloud”, Censornet was designed to safeguard organisations that rely on this technology. It is completely scalable and enables customers to take advantage of global growth opportunities by reducing risk and protecting them from breaches and cyberattacks. Its cloud-based architecture ensures that attacks are identified and isolated in the cloud, before they can enter a customer’s own network.

Censornet has always been a technological pioneer and remains committed to innovation. In 2022, it launched Identity as a Service (IDaaS) in response to the traditional network perimeter becoming outdated and irrelevant. It believes context – including identity – is now the new perimeter in the modern enterprise. With employees now working from anywhere, on multiple devices, IDaaS continuously authenticates users using contextual information such as their location, the time they are logging on, or the device they are using to access the network.

Unlike standalone IDaaS solutions, Censornet’s offering connects natively with its full suite of web, cloud application security, email security and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) products. This gives customers ‘step-up protection’, meaning they can not only authenticate users, but also allow (as well as prevent) individual users to take specific actions, such as accessing data and files.

For budget and resource constrained mid-market customers, this brings great benefit. They can plug-and-play, immediately solving their most pressing security concerns and meeting compliance objectives. Typically, mid-market customers would have to manage multiple vendors and manually integrate solutions. Gartner has warned that “security leaders have too many tools”. Censornet’s platform eliminates this.

Find out how Censornet’s award winning solution could help you simplify and improve the security in your organisation.

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