Censornet Web Security Comes to Google Chromebook

Censornet is pleased to announce that its CASB and Web Security Agent solutions are now available for Google Chromebook.

In the past 12 months, Chromebook usage has increased significantly as more and more of us abandon the office to work from sheds, kitchens, spare bedrooms or any other space we can find.

During this dramatic period of change, Chrome OS became the second most popular desktop platform, pushing macOS into third place.

Chromebook-400_crop_Editorial_Use_OnlyAccording to figures from IDC, the most popular desktop OS is now Windows with an 80.5% market share, followed by Chrome OS with 10.8% and macOS with 7.5%.

In response to this change, Censornet has announced the initial release of its Censornet Agent for Chromebook. This adds Chrome OS devices to the list of supported devices for Censornet’s Web Security and CASB services alongside Windows and Mac OS X.

Ed Macnair, Censornet CEO, said: “The rise of Chrome OS opens up new opportunities for cybercriminals, so it’s important that organisations using Chromebooks use the very best security solutions. Censornet is here to help businesses keep their data safe on Chrome OS as well as traditionally popular Apple and Microsoft operating systems.”

The Censornet release means that organisations with Chromebooks in their environment now have visibility over these devices no matter where users are working.

For ease of deployment and centralised management, Chromebooks are supported through the release of a new Android app available in the Google Play Store.

If you would like early access to the initial release please contact your Account Director or email sales@censornet.com to find out more – and please have your Google Play Store Customer ID ready.

To obtain your Customer ID, sign in to the Google Admin console, select Account Settings and then locate the Profile panel. For more information see this article.

More information is available on our Product Help Portal, including details on installing the app via the Google Admin Console. Further details can be found here.

Key Features of Censornet for Chrome OS

  • Deployed via the Google Admin Console*
  • Use can be enforced (so that the agent cannot be disabled)
  • Enforces Safe Search
  • Provides deep inspection of SSL encrypted traffic
  • Enables filter rules based on the Chromebook device or username (UPN)**
  • Updates are handled automatically via the Google Play Store

Please note that the agent supports the Google Chrome browser on Chromebooks. Third-party browsers are not supported.


*Google Enterprise subscription required

**Microsoft Active Directory to be synced to your Google environment

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