Censornet to host a roundtable at TEISS 2019

Censornet CTO, Richard Walters, to lead discussion on ‘Point Product and Alert Overload: The Future of Cyber Security?’

Richard Walters, CTO of Censornet, will host a roundtable at The European Information Security Summit (TEISS) 2019. Censornet is proud to be a Silver Sponsor for the two day event, which is taking place in London on the 12th and 13th of February 2019.

TEISS, the largest cyber security summit in Europe, is now in its eighth year, and features parallel streams focusing on culture & education, data & technology, and the threat landscape. There will also be dedicated workshop sessions, enabling visitors to attend those which suit their individual focuses. TEISS will welcome over five hundred cyber security and information technology professionals at the event this year.

Censornet’s roundtable will take place on the first day of TEISS, 12th of February, at 11.30am. Titled ‘Point Product and Alert overload: The Future of Cyber Security?’, the session will explore how the multitude of security products used concurrently by enterprises and SMEs is causing an unmanageable level of complexity and unnecessary spend. Walters will facilitate a discussion around whether a genuinely integrated, adaptive, automated security solution – capable of preventing attacks before they occur – will be developed, as well if ‘really, truly, fully automated cyber security’ may soon become a reality.

To book a place at TEISS 2019, click here. If you would like more information on Censornet ahead of TEISS, or would like to pre-book a demo, please contact sales@censornet.com

Richard Walters, CTO of Censornet said:

“We’ve reached a point where the security market it totally over saturated, an issue that is being compounded by a skills shortage. Some organisations are receiving more than 500 SOC alerts a day, and with budgets cuts, security professionals are being forced to do more with less resource. Rather than simply layering different products on top of one another, we need to move towards a more intelligent security strategy that is more effective.”

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