Censornet launches new platform to consolidate protection

Censornet today announced a new version of its flagship Unified Security Service (USS) which integrates sophisticated threat protection with smart authentication in a single cloud platform.  The new technology brings together more advanced countermeasures with a new UI, making it easier for security teams to protect against insider threats and cyber criminals without having to navigate disparate solutions.

Censornet’s USS was recently named by Gartner in their first ever Magic Quadrant for Cloud Access Security Brokers, which highlighted its combination of CASB, SWG, email security, MFA as a well-suited product for mid-size companies. It provides a single platform for email security, CASB, web-based threat protection and contextual authentication.

The new platform has been designed to address the growing problem of overburdened security teams facing increasing volumes of threat data and associated vendor bloat, without sacrificing technological sophistication.  The unique cloud architecture is flexible and can be rapidly deployed across organisations of all sizes.

To reflect the growing usage of cloud services in the enterprise, one of the major modifications includes a new CASB API mode designed to provide far deeper integration with storage applications such as Box, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.  This allows security teams visibility of malicious or negligent employee activity using file upload analysis, DLP scanning and the detection of both traditional and emerging cloud-based malware.

The new UX also provides security teams with an enhanced reporting function, letting them drill deeper down into attack data.  Not only will this allow for faster detection and greater visibility of threats, but it also enables better management reporting.

For easier deployment and management, USS now also offers enhanced multi-tenancy capabilities for inheriting configuration across accounts and an improved rule building ability. This allows MSPs to work with multiple customers from a secure single point.

Ed Macnair, CEO of Censornet, said: “The threat landscape changes at a breakneck pace, as soon as one new risk is shut down, five more appear.   For this reason, those responsible for security are often overwhelmed by the volume and frequency of threats they face.  It only takes one successful attempt for a data breach to occur.

“The updates to USS are a reflection of this.  We give people the ability to see and defend against the most commonplace cyber threats against their enterprise data and systems, in a single easy to use platform.”

The new features are immediately available to the user upon login, with no need for migration, and changes consolidated across both versions immediately.

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