Censornet Granted Patent for Technology

Censornet, a leading provider of cloud security solutions, today announced that the European Patent Office has granted Censornet patent EP 14731281.3 for its method and system to protect against identity theft or replication abuse.

“This is our second patent and an incredibly important milestone in protecting our intellectual property for scalable, high performance multi-factor user authentication”, says Claus Rosendal, CTO of Censornet. Our technology innovation will further improve our CensorNet App by offering our customers a multi-factor authentication login experience that is even more secure than any other solution on the market, and enhances user convenience at the same time.”

The European Patent 14731281.3 relates to Censornet’s technology invention for computer-based user authentication for authorising user access to a company’s computer network system in a new innovative way. This technology reduces the risk of identity theft and/or man-in-the-middle attacks.

The patent for Censornet’s innovative technology is transformative as it enables the introduction of ‘secure zones’. Strong security and user convenience play a key factor in the adoption of a multi-factor authentication solution in an increasingly digital work environment. The challenge is that the solution needs to be as frictionless as possible – and proportionate – to ensure users are not getting frustrated or less productive. These secure zones remove the need to challenge the user from trusted locations without impacting risk, for example, which will take user convenience to another level.

Censornet’s MFA solution is available as a cloud based and on-premise solution. It incorporates One Time Passcodes (OTPs), which are session specific, generated in real time, and can be sent using multiple delivery methods including SMS, email and via a mobile app with end-to-end encryption. Unlike other user authentication solutions, Censornet MFA includes automatic failover between methods ensuring users receive passcodes even when they have no mobile signal, for example. Censornet MFA integrates with Microsoft® Active Directory and a wide range of services and applications out-of-the-box including all major VPN vendors.

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