Censornet Gets a New Look | Security company’s rebrand centres on its innovative and agile approach

Censornet has announced the launch of its new corporate brand identity, with a new logo and website, as well as its new office. These changes reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation, with the brand and website designed to better showcase its simple, yet effective approach to security. Censornet believes that protecting customers in a constantly changing security landscape means evolving its solutions and services continuously. This also means reflecting on the business itself and moving its approach and identity forward in line with its offering to customers.

“In the last year Censornet has evolved as a business, with new investment and the development of our unique Autonomous Security Engine (ASE), to name just a couple of landmarks,” said Ed Macnair, CEO of Censornet. “ASE is a huge leap forward in the industry’s approach to security, with integrated engines automatically reacting at machine speed to stop attacks before they even enter the kill chain. Given we have taken security to a whole new level, we wanted our brand to match-up and better represent our innovative and agile approach. I am hugely excited about the new look Censornet and the next stage of our journey – we’ll be breaking new ground again and again in the coming years.”

The website has been designed with innovation at the heart and is now a hub for knowledge and resources, packed with information and insights to help inform visitors’ security strategies. The company name has been refined, dropping the upper case ‘N’ to modernise it, bringing it into line with our forward-thinking products, while the brand colours have become bolder to reflect the business’ courageous approach to security transformation.

Matrix house building

In addition to its new brand, Censornet has also relocated to a new office in the most prestigious building on Basing View, Basingstoke. Not only was the move required in order to sustain the company’s growth ambitions, but the spacious and contemporary space better mirrors Censornet’s ethos and provides the ideal space for the team to innovate, without being constrained by the norms of the industry.

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