Your Guide to Vendor Consolidation

Too many mid-market businesses are managing disparate point products and incompatible dashboards, while struggling to integrate new systems with existing defences. The substantial operations overhead that comes with managing this number of products is cumbersome and unnecessary. The list includes increased training requirements, poor visibility of the whole security ecosystem, and the manpower to respond to the alerts that pour in from each product.
  • The true value behind consolidation 75% of organisation are pursuing a consolidation strategy. Find out why, and the impact it could have on your cyber security strategy.
  • The 7 questions you should be asking Some organisations are seeing a reduction in the quality of their risk posture with consolidation, find out what they missed
  • Consolidation, XDR, SASE and ZTNA With so many terms and technologies in the mix, it can be hard to see the wood from the trees. So let’s take a step back.
  • Integration vs consolidation The death of the traditional perimeter and the ubiquity of cloud-first systems mean that cyber threats are no longer confined to one particular attack vector. But is consolidation or integration the answer?
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The next generation of cybersecurity is here, and businesses are clearly stating their intent to consolidate. Find out what it means for you:

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