Web Security Datasheet

Web Security from Censornet provides protection from harmful, offensive or inappropriate content as well as managing time spent on websites that can have a significant impact on productivity.

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Censornet's Web Security offers comprehensive protection against harmful or inappropriate online content while also managing productivity-related web usage. It provides:
  • Multi-layered gateway security against web-based threats using real-time inspection, URL reputation, and heuristics.
  • Integration with the Censornet Platform, facilitating centralized management, reporting, and policy configurations.
  • Deployment flexibility through agents, proxies, or a combination, suiting organizations of all sizes.
  • A lightweight ICAP protocol ensuring efficient and fast operations without impacting user experience.
  • Enhanced user experience for remote work and mobile access without latency or location-based issues.
  • Effective management of web content across over 500 categories, real-time URL analysis using machine learning, and BYOD-ready features.
  • Integration with Cloud Application Security for enhanced cloud app management.
  • Sophisticated policy mechanisms, including time-based web access limitations to maintain productivity.
  • Advanced reporting and data visualization capabilities.


For a comprehensive understanding and detailed insights, please download the Datasheet now.

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