The top cyber security actions for CFOs

CFOs: Cybersecurity starts and ends with you. You and the board are accountable for the organization’s cybersecurity activities and personnel, and must understand the risks. We explore the true costs of cyber breaches, and provide five actions you can take now. Can you afford not to act?
  • How to safeguard your business As a CFO, you must ensure your organization is safeguarded against potential threats. Discover the five imperative steps that CEOs must take to reinforce their defenses. With the right preparedness, you can have the confidence that your critical data is secure.
  • The financial cost of a data breach Data breaches can have a devastating impact on a company, with the average cost totaling a staggering $3.86 million and taking more than nine months to resolve. It's crucial that companies take measures to safeguard against these threats. As such, we examine some of the biggest breaches from the past year to help you better understand the risks.
  • The damage beyond paying a ransom As a CFO, you should be aware that a data breach not only results in financial strain but may also cause reputational harm that takes longer to recover from than the monetary costs. It is critical to understand the broader implications of a breach, beyond the obvious ransom payment, and be vigilant. Our report delves into the far-reaching effects of a breach and provides insight into what to watch out for.
  • The fear impact of a breach Lapses in security measures not only affect customers but also have an immediate impact on stock prices. As investors refrain from investments fearing inadequacy in protecting sensitive information, the potential for significant financial losses can be staggering. CFOs must address these concerns immediately to mitigate potential negative financial impact.
Protect your business with these 5 essential actions

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