Keeping children safe in a digital environment

In a world where technology is increasingly interwoven into education, IT managers play a pivotal role in safeguarding our students’ online experiences. “Keeping Children Safe in a Digital Environment”, is now available, created specifically to assist in this crucial task. This guide, informed by the latest government reports on digital safety, provides a comprehensive roadmap for implementing effective cybersecurity measures in your school’s digital infrastructure. It goes beyond theory, offering actionable steps and strategies that you can apply directly to your existing system.
  • The six steps to securing both students, and their data, online Discover the essential strategies to safeguard students' online experiences and protect their sensitive information with our comprehensive six-step guide.
  • How to protect against the human element of cybersecurity Learn how to fortify your defenses against cyber threats that exploit the human factor and ensure a resilient security posture for your educational institution.
  • How to develop a collaborative approach to online safety Unite parents, educators, and communities in a collaborative effort to create a safe digital environment for students, fostering responsible online behavior and proactive protection.
  • The importance of cloud application security Explore the significance of robust cloud application security measures in safeguarding sensitive educational data and ensuring seamless access to resources in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
Ready to take action?

Download our comprehensive report, "Keeping Children Safe Online," to gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and six crucial steps to secure both students and their data in the digital realm.

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