Email Security Datasheet

Censornet Email Security is a cloud-based email security and backup service that scans both inbound and outbound email for viruses, phishing threats, content violations and spam.
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Censornet EMS is a robust email security solution designed to provide comprehensive protection against both traditional and emerging email threats, such as spam, viruses, phishing attacks, and more.
Key highlights:
  • Advanced technologies to counter targeted threats, including CEO fraud.
  • Over 10,000 algorithms analyzing 130+ variables from each email for precise threat detection.
  • 99.999% spam detection and 100% virus protection.
  • Fully cloud-based with an intuitive policy engine for customized email flow management.
  • In-depth categorization for flexible policies and accurate message tagging.
  • Delivered via the Censornet Platform, integrating Web Security, Cloud Application Security, and Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Centralized policy configuration, management, data visualization, and reporting through a unified web interface.
  • Key features include Anti-spam, Anti-malware, Censornet LinkScanTM for URL protection, TLS protocols, Email Authentication, Executive Tracking, Keyword Lists, Mail Queuing, and many more.
  • Comprehensive management tools including Active Directory synchronization, user-friendly web interface, delegated administration, and message quarantines.
  • Detailed real-time reports, trend insights, log retention, and auto-archiving.
  • Swift deployment with compatibility across all email service providers.
  • Optional add-on services like Email Archiving, Email Continuity, and Secure Email for enhanced functionality.

    For a thorough understanding of each feature and a detailed breakdown of Censornet EMS’s capabilities, we highly recommend downloading the full copy of this document.

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