Cloud Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Datasheet

MFA is fully integrated with the Censornet Platform that also includes Email Security, Web Security and Cloud Application Security. The Censornet Platform provides a single web portal for central policy configuration and management, as well as data visualization and reporting.

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Censornet MFA offers a robust protection against account compromises resulting from weak or stolen passwords. This is achieved through a system that works against phishing, brute force attacks, social engineering, and more.
Key highlights:
  • Integration: MFA is seamlessly integrated with the Censornet Platform, which encompasses Email SecurityWeb Security, and Cloud Application Security.
  • Accessibility: The primary offering is cloud-based, ensuring a simplified and swift implementation. No intricate infrastructure is required, making it easily adaptable for businesses of all sizes.
  • Flexibility: For organizations preferring in-house solutions, Censornet also provides an on-premise MFA product. However, the Cloud MFA service grants a consolidated view to manage and analyze user authentication across various systems and locations.
  • User Experience: Censornet MFA supports diverse OTP delivery methods such as SMS, email, and the dedicated Censornet mobile app for Android and iOS. Automatic fail-over ensures OTP delivery, enhancing the user experience.
  • Features:
    One-time passcodes (OTPs) specific to sessions for phishing prevention.
  • Real-time OTP generation for enhanced security.
  • Efficient OTP dispatch policies.
  • A unique memoPasscodesTM system for easy-to-remember yet secure passcodes.
  • Comprehensive integration with Microsoft® Active Directory.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities for authentication activity.
  • Client & Vendor Support: MFA is compatible with a wide variety of systems, services, applications, and vendors such as Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, and more.
  • OTP Features: OTPs are generated using a FIPS 140-2 approved algorithm, and their transmission costs are covered, adhering to a fair usage policy.
  • Reporting: Real-time monitoring is available, coupled with a customizable report builder, scheduling, alerting, and trend report functionalities.
  • Management & Deployment: Active Directory changes are synced in real-time. The backend is cloud-based, scalable, and redundant, with data centers in the US, UK, and Europe. Easy-to-install authentication clients connect on-premise services to the cloud backend.

To gain a comprehensive understanding and access the full suite of features and benefits of Censornet’s Multi-Factor Authentication solution, please download the complete document.

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