Censornet Total Protection for Education

Censornet provides a robust cyber security platform designed explicitly for educational institutions. The platform prioritises 24/7 attack prevention and safeguarding students from online threats like cyber-bullying, radicalisation, and malware. With over a decade’s expertise, Censornet has tailored its platform to ensure rapid compliance with educational safeguarding guidelines.
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Key highlights:
    1. Comprehensive Monitoring: Oversee and control the use of webemail, and cloud applications to prevent access to malicious or inappropriate content.
    2. Affordable Security: Offers enterprise-level security at a price point suitable for schools, colleges, universities, and academies.
    3. Intelligent Web Security: Filters over 500 web content categories, including lists from CTIRU and IWF. It also ensures compliance with UK’s Home Office Prevent strategy.
    4. Safe Search: Implements safe search protocols on popular search engines and keeps an audit trail of searches.
    5. Cloud Application Security: Enables granular control of user actions within web applications. This feature ensures student safety without hampering the learning process.
    6. Ultra-fast and Non-intrusive: Censornet ensures fast and transparent web traffic without compromising user experience.
    7. Email Security: Comprehensive email security services include spam and phishing protection, email archiving, and an emergency inbox feature for email provider outages.
    8. Protection Everywhere: Censornet ensures student safety both inside and outside the classroom, supporting BYOD initiatives.
    9. Security Awareness Training (SAT): Aims to strengthen the human firewall by educating staff about cyber threats. The SAT is integrated with Microsoft365 and is designed for rapid deployment.
    10. Integrated Platform: Offers integrated web, email, cloud, and identity security. The autonomous security engine processes a billion threats daily to provide advanced threat intelligence across all modules.
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