Censornet Platform Datasheet

Censornet Platform provides a 360 degree single pane of glass view across multiple critical solutions, simplifying security, architected specifcally and equally for both enterprises and MSPs.


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The Censornet Platform is an integrated security solution that offers Email Security, Web Security, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), and Multi-Factor Authentication. By providing a consolidated "single pane of glass" view across various critical services, it streamlines security for enterprises and MSPs alike.

Key Features:
    • Unified Security Services: Integrates multiple core security services for easier management with a shared identity store.
    • Cloud-Based: Selectable data residency by region (US, UK, Europe) per account.
    • Flexibility for All Sizes: Suitable for both large enterprises and MSPs. White label options available for customization.
    • REST API: Allows integration of Censornet Platform elements into other applications.
    • Reporting: Offers detailed analysis based on an array of criteria like time, user, device, and many more. Scheduled reporting and auto-archiving functionalities included.
    • Identity Integration: Compatible with Microsoft® Active Directory and has options for Local or Cloud Sync.
    • Partner Tools: Self-service tools for IT teams and MSPs to manage accounts, including license management, account provisioning, and reporting.
    • Ease of Administration: Allows unlimited admin roles with extensive access controls and two-factor authentication.
    • Multi-Tenant & Multi-Tiered: Cloud-based and delivered from data centers in the US, UK, and Europe. It features customizable branding and account management capabilities, ideal for diverse organizational structures.


Incorporate the Censornet Platform in your organization to transition away from the costly approach of isolated solutions. It provides users the autonomy to access applications and data from any device or location, maintaining visibility for IT and ensuring protection for all.

For an in-depth look into the platform’s capabilities and how it can benefit your organization, please download the full copy.

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