We prioritise innovation so our customers stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cybersecurity.

Why Innovation Matters

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Censornet. We believe that protecting our customers in a constantly changing security landscape means evolving our solutions and services continuously. We have been ahead of the curve from day one, building products that challenge convention and give our customers the protection they deserve. If we weren’t innovating, we wouldn’t be Censornet.

We’ve made a habit of being the first to market with new technology, changing the way the industry thinks about security. Our Censornet Platform was the first ever solution to combine web security with CASB to bridge a big gap left by traditional solutions. While our Autonomous Security Engine (ASE) takes security response to a whole new level through automation and is entirely unique in the industry. Through a constant process of innovation, we’ll keep breaking the mould to deliver the solutions our customers need. We never rest easy.


Our agile approach means we move much faster than most businesses. We’ve never forgotten our start-up roots, and an ethos of ‘think quick, move quick’ is embedded in our culture so we can innovate at pace. Our team is encouraged to think big and not be constrained by the norms of our industry and when good ideas are brought to the table, we act on them straight away. The early bird catches the worm, after all.

We don’t just operate nimbly internally, we approach our customers with the same level of openness and agility. Problems are just solutions that haven’t yet been found, and we work with our customers to solve legacy security issues that have gone unsolved for too long – and sometimes these problems give us our best ideas for our next revolutionary product.

Product Vision

Our products will never be finished. The minute we think we’re ‘done’, we start again. We don’t want to be like the dinosaurs of the industry. We want to push ourselves and our competitors to do more and protect more. We’re already working on the industry’s next ground-breaking solutions.

Our customers benefit and the industry as a whole benefits from our approach to innovation and agility. We make people re-think the rules about security with products that solve problems before they’ve become problems.

Technology partners

We rely on some of the most impressive companies around the world to help deliver our exceptional products. And thanks to the expertise of the people we work with, we’re able to offer more secure solutions.

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