Webinar Description

The demand for cybersecurity skills is on the rise in all sectors, but the supply isn’t keeping up.

Businesses lack the manpower they need: nearly seven in 10 (69%) mid-sized businesses have three people or fewer in their team looking after cyber security. Nearly half (45%) have two or fewer. As a result, one in ten (11%) don’t have the time or capacity to investigate as many as 50% of the alerts they receive every day.

For mid-sized firms, this can feel like a near-impossible problem. They’re left unable to protect against complex threats or manage their portfolio of point products. How do they find the resource they need to help them stay ahead of the curve?

Join our webinar to better understand the scale of the threat and the state of the market, discover how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls in growing cybersecurity teams, and learn how we can improve the resourcing gap facing mid-market organisations.

Hosted by Josh Winterson, this webinar features insights from The Cyber Scheme’s Debi McCormack. As one of only two organisations accredited by GCHQ and the NCSC to offer Government-standard penetration testing examinations, The Cyber Scheme is playing a key role in addressing this issue – growing skilled professionals who can help businesses take their cybersecurity to the next level.

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