The UK is a popular target for cyber-attacks. It’s not just hostile states on the attack; 2021 was record-breaking, with breaches and ransomware demands soaring. Find out the 5 steps you need to be taking to fight the rise in cyber-attacks.

  • The 5 steps for defence

    A third of UK mid-market organisations suffered an outage that knocked them offline for more than a day last year. Find out the steps to avoiding outages.

  • The most serious threats facing your organisation

    Half of the mid-market said that they were unable to prevent dangerous attachments from reaching inboxes. Learn what other gaps are hidden in your security.

  • Sometimes less is more

    Organisations are purchasing multiple security products in an attempt to bolster company cyber defences. Find out the detrimental impact this could be having.

  • The human cost of cybersecurity

    The average number of point products managed in a single organisation can generate over 700 alerts per day. Understand the impact it's having on security teams, and how you can relieve the pressure.

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