Intility is a managed cloud provider that is responsible for identity management across 500 companies and 15,000 users. To improve security and user friendliness, Intility implemented CensorNet’s self-service password reset solution as an included service for all companies and users on the Intility platform.


Offloading the helpdesk

In order to maintain a high level of security when accessing the platform, all users need to comply with the password policy, which means changing their passwords frequently. This policy resulted in users struggling to remember their passwords, and often needing to contact the help desk because they could not login. This put strain on Intility’s helpdesk function who had to respond to a growing number of password related calls. Security was also a concern because it was difficult to easily verify the identity of the person requesting the password reset.

“At Intility it is our goal to meet our customers’ expectations, both today and in the future. To achieve this goal – as well as to offload our helpdesk – it was clear that we needed a solution for managing password resets,” said ArneKlæboe, head of security and identity management at Intility.


Anytime and anywhere

The expectations for the new solution were clear: it had to provide a high level of security, be user-friendly and be easy to implement. “CensorNet Password Reset Module (formerly SMS PASSCODE) was the obvious choice because it offered secure and convenient self-service password reset functionality and leveraged multi-factor authentication to confirm the user’s identity. The self-service portal enables our 15,000 users to easily change their passwords anytime and anywhere and from any type of device,” Klæboe said.


Quicker realization of value through simultaneous deployment

One of the major advantages of the Intility platform is that its cloud-based infrastructure allows for simultaneous deployment of solutions to all customers. This means that all of Intility’s 500 customers and 15,000 users had access to CensorNet PRM service at the same time, without downtime and at no extra cost. Consequently, the users receive greater value faster, as well as ensuring a more cost-effective operation for Intility.


Getting the users back online and being productive

“The implementation went smoothly and our users have found the solution to be very intuitive and convenient since they already carry their mobile phone with them. For us, it’s all about getting users back online as quickly as possible so they can be productive. We have achieved this with CensorNet PRM and now have more happy users and are excited that our technicians can focus on more complicated cases than password inquiries.”difficult to do.Added to that it was expensive to maintain.”