Navigating a complex threat landscape, featuring an all women keynote line-up

According to ISC(2), nearly a quarter of the cyber security workforce is women. Amid a growing skills shortage, it’s widely agreed that a diverse workforce is key, which is why we have decided to run the Future of Cyber Security’s next Virtual Conference featuring an all women speaking line-up.

The cyber security landscape is more complex than ever as COVID-19 sees cyber-criminals and nation state adversaries ramp up attacks. As employees continue to work from home, it’s never been more important for businesses to ensure they are as robust as possible.

Rather than simply covering the tired topic of ‘women in security’, the event will be used to showcase the women speakers’ expertise in the sector, giving the audience the opportunity to learn from their insight.

Featuring women who are at the top of their field, the Future of Cyber Security’s latest Virtual Conference will discuss the current threat landscape, offering exclusive insight into how businesses can protect themselves.

  • Sarah Armstrong Smith – Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft
  • Lisa Forte – Social Engineering and Cyber Security Expert
  • Eliza-May Austin – Founder and pocket SIEM