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Web Security

Protect against web-borne malware and control access to inappropriate content

Cloud Application Control

Reduce risk of data loss via granular action-level control of SaaS Apps

Email Security

Modern protection for the most exploited attack channel

Security Awareness Training

Modern protection for the most exploited attack channel


Enable SSO and authenticate with the richest possible context.


Adaptive Authentication preventing unauthorised access in the event of credential theft

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Malware Sandbox

Files executed in a secure, contained environment prior to being delivered

Compliant Archive

Fully indexed and searchable database of Emails for audit and legal compliance


End to End encrypted messaging from within Outlook

Log Streaming

Sync data in real-time to external 3rd party SIEM system

Data Loss Prevention

Mitigate risk of data loss by adding file content scanning to policies

Enhanced Support

Level 2 and 3 technical support and Professional Services from our award winning team

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Total Protection

All of our core modules and add ons in a single cost-effective bundle

Email Enterprise

Core Email Security module, with SecureMail, AV Sandbox, and DLP.

Web Advanced

Enhance your Web Security with granular context, and control SaaS Applications using our unique DirectProtect architecture