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Secure Context-Based Authentication

We’ve been using passwords as a form of secure authentication to protect our accounts and devices since the earliest days of computing. While they were once an effective approach to security, these days they just aren’t sophisticated enough to do the job they were intended to do. In fact, 80 percent of all large-scale data…

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Boardroom ceo

How to prevent a CEO fraud attack

What do you do when you get an email from your CEO? Like most of us, you probably respond very quickly and do your utmost to fulfil their request efficiently. But what if that request is to transfer $10,000 to a supplier or get to the local Apple store and buy $1,000 worth of iTunes…

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Data centre graphic

Cloud Application Security

Many organisations assume they don’t need to worry about cloud application security as they aren’t using the cloud. But just because you aren’t using Microsoft 365, it doesn’t mean you’re not in the cloud. The average company uses almost 1,000 cloud applications and yet there’s a lack of awareness about what a cloud application actually…

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tablet user in public

Consumer Data Security Solution

It should really go without saying that data security is a fundamental consideration for every single business. With the number of data records lost or stolen globally since 2013 exceeding 9.7 billion, clearly that message hasn’t quite sunk in for some yet. With the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) now in full force for over two…

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Wolf eye

Identity Assurance

Trusting that users are who they say they are is a challenge that businesses have faced since the internet entered workplaces. The most common method of identity assurance is through passwords, but over the years it’s quickly become apparent that they don’t actually guarantee a user’s identity. In fact, 80 percent of all big data…

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Malware coding

Malware Security and Malware Protection

Malware is nothing new. It’s been the enemy of the internet for many years. Despite a whole industry fighting to protect organisations from its sting, Malware is not going away any time soon. Malware is a fairly broad term and refers to any software that’s been designed to intentionally cause damage to a computer, server,…

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Office 365 Email Security

Microsoft 365 Email Security

Visit our How to Secure 365 hub to find out more about additional layers of security to protect your organisation, whether you are preparing for, migrating to, or strengthening the performance of your Microsoft 365 environment. Email is a business-critical service for the vast majority of organisations. Despite years of claims that it will be…

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healthcare surgery

Healthcare Services Cloud Security

Increasingly Connected and Complex Healthcare companies and providers are increasingly connected. IT within healthcare is changing rapidly and with adoption of new technologies the attack surface expands. The increasing use of web and cloud applications, and expectations from patients and visitors to have access to Wi-Fi – for example – creates challenges for already over-burdened…

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Legal notebook

Legal Cloud Security

Highly Sensitive – Highly Valuable Law firms are trusted advisors to both individuals and organisations of all types and sizes, and often privileged to highly sensitive – and highly valuable – personal, financial and strategic information. To attackers, law firms are attractive targets – either as an alternative to targeting a specific client directly, or…

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Retail Cloud Security

A Multi-Channel Transformation The retail industry has undergone a dramatic transformation in the last 10 years and continues to evolve rapidly. Retailers are creating end-to-end digital retail experiences, moving away from traditional in store – and even online models – that are purely aimed at selling products. This transformation is driving adoption of new technologies…

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Finance building

Finance Cloud and Data Security

Quickening Pace of Technology Adoption of new and updated technology is critical to financial institutions – both to remain competitive, fend off disruptors and offer new and innovative solutions to retail and business customers. The quickening pace of technological change is both the most productive and destructive force in the financial services industry today. Cloud…

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