Censornet as a Mimecast Alternative – A Guide

Censornet as a Mimecast Alternative – A Comparison Guide

Cybersecurity teams are facing unprecedented challenges to build cyber resilience. Cyber attacks are increasing every year, doing an incredible amount of damage to their victims. The threats are being compounded by a huge rise in remote working, which has finally destroyed traditional perimeter.

The data show 60% of SMBs that suffer a cyber attack go out of business within six months. And that when it comes to email security, human error is a major factor in 95% of attacks. So implemeneting an email security solution for your business.

Censornet and Mimecast are both market leading email security solutions. This Censornet and Mimecast comparison guide will compare the two solutions and help you evaluate which is best for your organization.

What is the best Mimecast Alternative?

It can be difficult to decide which email security solution to choose for your organization. Especially when looking for a cloud based solution. This report shows the results of customer surveys, technical data sheets and research, offering an insightful comparison of a Mimecast alternative. As part of this we will access:

  •  Features
  •  Ease of use
  •  Effectiveness
  • Threat detection functionality

What is Mimecast and how does Mimecast work?

Acquired by a private equity fund in 2022 Mimecast has grown from an on-prem email security vendor, to provide Web security and Awareness Training. Mimecast do not offer Cloud Security (CASB), and Web protection is delivered at the DNS level.  Anti-Virus, URL categorisation and SSL inspection is done via proxy.  Many features such as Sandboxing and URL scanning has been implemented via technology acquisition unlike the Cloud native in-house development at Censornet.

What is Censornet?

Censornet offer a fully integrated platform, delivering real-time protection and shared threat intelligence across all attack channels including email, web, and cloud applications. Features include technology such as advanced DLP, email archiving, sandboxing, continuity inbox, encrypted email and end-user security awareness training.  Through a single pane of glass dashboard and consistent policy template, it is possible to adapt the already capable out of box protection to your exact needs across all the entire product suite.

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How does Mimecast Security Compare with Censornet?

Censornet vs. Mimecast Security Features Comparison

When you’re choosing an email protection solution, your focus is on the security that it will bring to your organization. Assessment of both products was based on the following security areas:

  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Malware
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Attachment Scan Time
  • Quarantine
  • Large File Send
  • Archiving
  • Reporting
  • Log Streaming
  • Encryption

Censornet vs. Mimecast Product Features Comparison

Implementing email protection solutions often have extra costs that aren’t monetary. Time is one of these. SMB’s that implement an email protection solution, expect a simple solution with little-none maintenance work involved for the system administrator.

The amount of time spent maintaining the solution can drain vital IT resources which could be better used elsewhere.

The implications of a siloed product can also have additional security costs.

This section focuses on the elements that have an impact beyond the cyber security product features such as archiving etc.

  • Real-Time Detection
  • Out of Box Protection
  • Single Integrated Platform
  • Ease of Uses
  • Deployment Time
  • Support
  • Mid-Market Focus
  • Cloud Application Security
  • Cost

Mimecast Features

Censornet takes the lead in ease of use, deployment time, small – medium organisation focus and cloud security. This helps with email phishing and all malware attacks.

Mimecast Pricing

Although pricing is not always the main reason an organisation selects an email security solution, or integrated cyber security platform, it can be an important factor between solutions with similar features and threat detection capabilities. Choosing just an email protection limits an organisations ability to react to cross-channel attacks, so the pricing comparison below has been made to reflect Security Awareness Training, Web Security + Anti-virus, Email Security, Email Security + Archive, CASB and L1 Support.


Ultimately, you want to know which solution can offer your organization the best protection from cyber threats. Censornet is the best for threat detection, security and protection from cyberattacks, malware, phishing and applying user policies. It has the best user experience, including a single integrated platform, UK-based 24/7 support, cost and a mid-market focus.


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What are Censornet customers saying?


“Most importantly, our multi-cloud strategy meant we needed robust cloud security. But there were other issues we wanted to address. In the past, for example, we used traditional web security proxies, but this led to challenges with delivering local content. Reporting and auditing could be problematic too, with previous solutions reporting everything, without filtering out unwanted noise, making it hard for individuals to use.”

“Securely delivering global content was always a challenge. With Censornet’ cloud controls and web security, we’ve been able to quickly and easily deploy a cost-effective, widely accessible and, most importantly, extremely secure way to address this.”

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